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Using Online Textbooks

Date Published: 01/02/2022

Access your textbooks from your device

Online textbooks are an excellent resource for remote learning. The benefits of an online textbook are that you can access them on any device from anywhere that you are learning or studying. Digital textbooks don’t require the care of a physical book and you can even add notes without damaging the book! Another benefit is that you don’t have to weigh down your school bag with heavy textbooks.

The online textbook platform for Mount Alvernia College has been updated to MyConnect2. We encourage students and teachers to become familiar with the new features on offer.

You can watch this video to take you through all of the features of the new platform. This video is helpful for both teachers and students using the MyConnect2 platform.

You can also follow the steps in this simple guide to get you started using your online textbooks.

Accessing Digital Textbooks


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