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Coronavirus Explained for Kids on The Squiz Kids

Date Published: 30/03/2020

If you’re looking for information about Coronavirus that is suitable for kids, you can’t go past the Coronavirus Explained episode on the Squiz Kids where Dr. Ginni Mansberg answers questions that kids are currently asking.

What is The Squiz Kids?

Teachers and parents wanting to discuss what’s going on in the world with young children will be interested in The Squiz Kids – a news podcast designed particularly for 8 – 12-year-olds. It’s such an important skill that our kids become critical consumers of media and presenting them with credible, reliable sources of information and news such as this podcast will help them develop a well-rounded informed view of the world, as compared to the news that is being presented in ever-narrowing social media feeds.

Each episode is about 7 minutes, covering the main story of the day as well as plenty of news that interests kids from the worlds of pop culture, sport, science and entertainment. Big national, international and political news stories of the day will be dealt with in a way that puts them into context, while breaking them down and presenting them in a way that makes sense to kids.  It is delivered without opinion, and with positivity. And most importantly, it’s fun!

Parents can be assured that the podcast is a safe place for kids, and a great alternative to screen time! Teachers will find it a valuable resource to use in the classroom to cultivate curiosity and general knowledge in their students.

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