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The Power of Feedback 

Date Published: 22/03/2021

Students at Mount Alvernia College have recently completed a time of high assessment and will soon be seeing their exam and assignment results. Educators believe that receiving feedback is one of the most powerful methods of improving results. 

What is feedback? 

Feedback is just information – usually, your teacher will tell you where you went well (your strengths in the piece of assessment), and where you can improve (this may be a weakness or just an area where more marks were possible). The best way to think about feedback is that it will help develop your potential if you use it as a guide to moving forward in your academic progress for each subject. 

In the Study Skills Handbook subscribed to by the college, the following advice is provided for students: 

Steps to follow when a test or exam is returned to you. 



Check your marks carefully – it is easy when teachers are doing lots of marking for them to make a mistake in the adding up. They are only human! 



Look at the things you got right and did well. Feel good about these. Pat yourself on the back. 



Now, look at the questions you got wrong and see if you understand what you did incorrectly or work out how to do them properly. 

The important thing is to learn as much as you can from the experience. 

Keep a list of things you need to remember next time and a list of specific areas you still need to work on. Update your study notes, perhaps they weren’t as comprehensive in some parts as they should have been. 

Talk to other students who did well. Ask them how they prepared, how they studied and what else they did in order to achieve such a good mark. See if you can pick up any tips that would help you with your preparation next time. 



Ask your teacher about anything you didn’t understand or can’t work outDon’t feel uncomfortable about asking your teacher for some time to sit down and go through your paper, especially if you can’t understand why you were given a particular mark. Simply ask when would be a good time to discuss the paper. Your teacher will be pleased you are making the effort and be more than happy to spare some time for you. 


You can learn more about how to make the most of feedback at by logging in and working through some of the units, particularly the units on ASSIGNMENT SKILLS and AFTER TESTS AND EXAMS.

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