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A New Book about the Teen Brain

Date Published: 01/04/2019

Teen Brain: Why Screens Are Making Your Teenager Depressed, Anxious and Prone to Lifelong Addictive Illnesses – and How to Stop It Now by David Gillespie has been recently published and we think it will be of interest to staff and parents, especially those who struggle to prise a screen from teenagers’ hands.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

From Australia’s most trusted non-fiction researcher and author comes the book that every parent needs to read.

With their labile and rapidly developing brains, adolescents are particularly susceptible to addiction, and addiction leads to anxiety and depression. What few parents will know is that what we think of as the most typical addictions and problematic teen behaviours – smoking, drinking, drug-taking, sex leading to teenage pregnancy – are on the decline.

The bad news is that a whole raft of addictions has taken their place. Whereas once the dopamine-hungry brain of a teenager got its fix from smoking a joint or sculling a Bundy and coke, it is now turning to electronic devices for the pleasure jolt that typically comes from playing online games (if you’re a boy) and engaging with social media (if you’re a girl).

What is even more troubling is that, unlike drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, electronic devices are not illicit. Quite the contrary. They are liberally distributed by schools and parents, with few restrictions placed on their use.

However, all is not lost. In Teen Brain, David sets out clear, reasonable and effective rules to help you confidently manage your kids’ use of screens at this critical point in their lives. (Goodreads)

To read an excerpt from the book, go to David Gillespie’s website which details what topics are covered in the book

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To have a break from their screens, we recommend the Teen Breathe magazine whose philosophy is that mindfulness forms the basis of a happier, healthier, more authentic life.

Each bi-monthly magazine provides “tips, fun activities and inspiring ideas to explore how paying attention, being curious, kind, and staying positive can bring out the very best of you.” Teen Breathe

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