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Date Published: 08/08/2017

#TeamGirls is a great new initiative which aims to nurture our young girls to become confident women. It originated as a response to the following research :

Our Suncorp Australian Youth and Confidence 2017 Research Report revealed that young Australian girls believe the key to achieving self-confidence is supportive friends and family, however things like social media are challenging this support. It also found that sports participation has a considerable positive impact on their self-esteem, however as girls get older, they are also playing less sports.  (#TeamGirls website)

The program aims to encourage girls to play sport, support each other and set goals together so as to build a nation of confident girls.

Visit and explore the #TeamGirls website, and sign up for the latest tips, tools and articles.

Subscribe to the podcast #TeamGirls in 10 here.  In each of these 10 minute episodes, Rebecca Sparrow and guests explore issues that impact our tween and teen girls and their confidence and suggest ways they can be supported.

This is a great new resource for parents and girls and we highly recommend the series.


Our girls feel pressured!


Slider image : Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash
Thumbnail image : Courtesy of #TeamGirls website
Youtube video : Courtesy of #TeamGirls website
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