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TIPS FOR PARENTS: Helping students transition back to full-time schooling

Date Published: 25/05/2020

As our students return to school after weeks of learning from home, it is timely to offer the following advice to parents as students transition back.  The following tips are a guide to help students refocus, and have been added

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Study Skills Tips For Staying Focused in an Online Lesson

Date Published: 01/05/2020

TOP TIPS FOR STAYING FOCUSED IN AN ONLINE LESSON  By now we are all starting to get a bit more used to different modes of learning. If you are still finding it challenging to stay focused in online lessons, here

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Study Skills Tips for Remote Learning at Home

Date Published: 30/03/2020

It is highly recommended that you check out these new updates for students and parents that have been added to the Study Skills Handbook which we subscribe to.  You will find the handbook under the QuickLinks tab on the iCentre

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Referencing @ Mt A

Date Published: 10/03/2020

It’s timely at this time of the term to remind teachers and students that they can use the information below about Referencing @MtA as well as our iCentre Tutorials with instructions of how to use CiteMaker, to support their research

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Study Skills Tip for March

Date Published: 03/03/2020

TOP TIPS FOR  MEMORISING NOTES Many students find it really difficult to cope with the memorisation that can be needed for tests and exams. Of course you can’t just rote learn and regurgitate, you need to be able to apply

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Getting Organised for 2020

Date Published: 29/01/2020

Learning how to be organised and study effectively is an important skill for secondary school students. As the new year begins, it’s important that students spend time setting their study goals for the year, organising their diaries and marking in

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How to Stay Positive as Exams Approach

Date Published: 05/11/2019

As the year 12 exams begin this week, we have some useful study tips from the Study Skills Handbook on how to stay positive and deal with the stress involved. STUDY SKILLS TIP FOR NOVEMBER How To Stay Positive As

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Making the Most of Feedback

Date Published: 08/10/2019

As students head into the new term, it is important that they learn how to make the most of the feedback they receive after the exams are returned. It is also timely to remind students that the iCentre has a

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Exam Preparation with Smart Studying Strategies

Date Published: 09/09/2019

Our brains are wired to forget so try these proven strategies from neuroscience to help you reinforce your learning and assist with your exam preparation. Taking handwritten notes rather than using your laptop allows you to remember more and have

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Study Tips for Students: Overcoming Procrastination

Date Published: 02/09/2019

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? You mean to start work on an assignment, but you just keep putting it off until it ends up being a mad rush the night before it is due. The Overcoming Procrastination unit at

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