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Your Next Reading Suggestion

Date Published: 24/08/2020

Many adults who follow @reesesbookclub on social media will be excited to know that Reese Witherspoon and her company Hello Sunshine @hellosunshine will be picking a book in the Young Adult (YA) genre every month from now.  These books will

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Book of the Week

Date Published: 18/05/2020

The Book of Chance by Sue Whiting is a powerful thought-provoking read for Middle Years’ students which will challenge them to think about and discuss how do young people distinguish between what is true and what is not in today’s

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ABC Social Media Series

Date Published: 19/11/2019

We recommend the ABC series Social Media Me to help students understand and navigate the social media world they live in. The series follows the experiences of characters in an unfolding fictitious dramatisation focusing on identity, self-esteem and ethical behaviour

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Get the Facts about Sarahah

Date Published: 23/04/2018

There has been a lot of publicity about Sarahah, an anonymous feedback app that teens are using to pass anonymous digital notes to each other, and the concerns it raises about cyberbullying. We have been hearing a lot about it

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New Podcast for Teens

Date Published: 12/03/2018

Rebecca Sparrow has launched a new podcast for teens called Ask Me Anything.  She created it so teachers and students can listen to it together in class and then discuss the important issues raised such as  friendship, first crushes and

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Tech Tip of the Week

Date Published: 18/02/2018

Students can use DesignEvo, a free online logo maker, to create professional logos in seconds. This would be useful for students doing Certificate III in IDMT and Certificate III in Business, and for all students to create professional logos for

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YA Book of the Week

Date Published: 12/02/2018

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus is an addictive read for YA lovers of the thriller genre.  Set in an American school, five students attend detention where one of the students dies a perplexing death and the other

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A Cautionary Tale for YA Readers

Date Published: 29/01/2018

Our YA Book of the Week, My Life as a Hashtag by Gabrielle Williams, is a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of life for teens living in the digital age where trolling and public shaming on social media platforms illustrate

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Stay Safe Online

Date Published: 17/10/2017

Females are identified as being at the greatest risk of harm on the internet, so it is important to be informed by resources to ensure positive, safe experiences online. Find websites we recommend under the Quick Links tab, then Digital Citizenship

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Stay Smart Online Week

Date Published: 09/10/2017

Protecting yourself online has never been more important so here are our simple steps to online safety. Whether you are an individual or a small business, these simple steps can provide strong protection from a range of online threats. Source

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