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Book of the Week

Date Published: 03/08/2020

The January Stars by Kate Constable is a delightful read for students in the middle years.  It deals with the importance of family and how the grandparent/grandchild relationship can survive and even thrive despite the devastation of a stroke and

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Everything I’ve Never Said

Date Published: 26/11/2018

This week we welcome author Samantha Wheeler to our iCentre Campfire and Author event where we introduce the 2019 Yr 7 students to our literature promotion program and share reading recommendations for everyone. Her novel, Everything I’ve Never Said,  is a highly recommended

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Book of the Week for Middle Years’ Readers

Date Published: 29/10/2018

Everything I’ve Never Said by Samantha Wheeler is a highly recommended middle-grade novel. It is a tender first-hand account of a young girl living with Rett Syndrome. Trapped inside her body with no way of communicating, Ava’s journey to find

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