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Book of the Week

Date Published: 13/05/2019

You Must Be Layla by writer and public-speaker Yassmin Abdel-Magied, is an engaging and heart-warming story for our younger readers. Dealing with the migrant experience in Australia, the story has a strong Muslim central character who is a literary role-model

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Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

Date Published: 06/05/2018

What is it like to grow up Aboriginal in Australia? Edited by Anita Heiss, this anthology of 52 unique and diverse stories articulates what it has been like for people on the ground who have grown up Aboriginal in Australia.

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YA Book of the Week

Date Published: 20/03/2018

Living on Hope Street, by Turkish-Australian author Demet Divaroren, is a portrait of contemporary Australian urban life.  Everyone living on Hope Street in a multicultural Australia has a story, and their diversity is portrayed as a strength, not a threat.

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