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Economics and Business Research Guides

Date Published: 01/03/2022

Research Guides for assignment success We have developed Research Guides for Years 8 and 9 Economics and Business students currently investigating the impacts of COVID-19 on the Australian tourism industries. The guides will assist students with using the correct search

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Book Care Packages for Parents

Date Published: 08/06/2020

Due to COVID regulations, the Queensland Government is discouraging parents from being on-campus.  Sadly, this meant that we were not able to have our Parent Book Chat Breakfast this term. Our book chats consist of an expert-led book talk about

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Library & Information Week

Date Published: 25/05/2020

This week is Library and Information Week which aims to raise the profile of libraries and information service professionals in Australia and showcase the many and varied resources and services that libraries provide to the community. The event has been

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