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Date Published: 04/06/2018

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? You mean to start work on an assignment, but you just keep putting it off until it ends up being a mad rush the night before it is due.

The Overcoming Procrastination unit at (located on the iCentre website) looks at the reasons why students procrastinate and what techniques they can try to overcome this common problem. 

Setting work targets with rewards at the end of each completed step is a well-known strategy, but an example of a less commonly known technique is the ‘two-fer’ concept. For this technique, you have two tasks, one you don’t mind doing and one you have been procrastinating about. Decide on a set period of time that you will work for. During this time, if you have any trouble working on one task or reach a point where you have a bit of a mental blank, you should then switch to the other task and alternate between them. Of course, it is better to focus solely on one task but if this isn’t working by alternating between two tasks at least you are being productive for the whole period of time and forcing yourself to do some work on the less favoured task.

You might also like to visit the Assignment Skills unit at for some more ideas on approaching assignments. 


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