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Soundtrack to your favourite book

Date Published: 08/08/2023

Music and literary fans can now seamlessly create music playlists to continue enjoying their novel long after the last page. Unless a book has been adapted into a film then normally there isn’t an accompanying soundtrack, but that is a problem you can fix!

Hint…..When searching for songs to tie in with the genre, time period etc. type into Spotify Songs about___. This will give you an array of artists and songs to choose from. Once you’ve created your own playlists enjoy exploring other existing book soundtracks on Spotify! We would love to listen to a playlist you create – share your playlist with us on Instagram at @icentremta

Here are the links to the books above:

The Love Proof- Madeleine Henry – The Love Proof – playlist by The Love Proof | Spotify

The Sanatorium- Sarah Pearse – Inspired by The Sanatorium – playlist by Hello Sunshine | Spotify

The Other Black Girl- Zakiya Dalila Harris – The Other Black Girl – playlist by atriabooks | Spotify

One Italian Summer- Rebecca Serle – One Italian Summer – playlist by atriabooks | Spotify

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