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Showcasing Families Display

Date Published: 17/05/2021

A display that opens students’ minds to the many forms families can take. 

This month in the iCentre students will see a display showcasing picture books about family. This display shows a range of picture books about families of all different shapes and sizes. It also gives students the opportunity to answer questions about their own families.  

The purpose of this display is to show students that not all families are the same and that is ok. It also gives the students a way to learn about others and to share their own experiences through the board. This technique arrangement is like those shared in galleries and museums, exposing students to evolvement in cultural institutions.  

The books in this display include 

Just the way we are by Jessica Shrivington and Clair Robertson. The picture book is a celebration of families of every kind. Even if their families might not look like your family that is ok because they’re all perfect just the way they are. 

Olivia by Ian Falconer is a humorous picture book about the craziness of having a little one in the family. The mix of loose drawings and realistic images gives the story a wild and chaotic feeling as Olivia recounts the day. Olivia may remind some readers about a sibling, cousin or even themselves! 

This much love by Wendy Rodgers and Scott Wallace. This is a picture book describing the ways that love runs through a family, and how different people express their love for one another. The illustrative style of this book gives the story an almost childlike wonder about a parent’s love. 

Madlenka by Peter Sis is a wonderful story about a young girl who makes loses her tooth and travels all around the world to tell her many friends. This picture book has many unique stylistic choices, from the collage style of the artwork, where each page seems to have its own unique style, to the cutouts in the pages. This book will introduce readers to different cultures and places as Madlenka explores the world. 

Article written by Isabella Iuzzolino 
Slider image: public domain



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