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Resources to Support Parenting Digital Age Kids

Date Published: 04/06/2019

Raising kids in a digital age where they are surrounded by a tsunami of screens causes concern for most parents. Managing their screen time and digital dependence, cyber safety issues, and the addictive nature of apps, gaming and software leave many parents bewildered and in need of well-researched guidance.

We recommend the following resources for parents to guide them in their parenting of young children and ‘screen-agers”.

The Podcast

A useful new ABC podcast for parents

Dr Kristy Goodwin Website

Dr. Kristy Goodwin is a researcher, speaker, author, mum and digital wellness expert whose website offers advice to parents on how to ensure children form healthy technology habits rather than banning their devices.

Finding the best ways to use technology with our kids while minimising any potential risks is essential if our kids are to form healthy relationships with technology. (Dr. Kristy Goodwin)

Subscribe to her YouTube channel for useful tips like the ones below.

Parents’ Portal

Technology isn’t going away and is a valuable learning tool in a child’s education. The Parents’ Portal offers advice on how to help kids and teens use screens in a balanced and healthy way.

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