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Referencing using APA 7

Date Published: 28/04/2022

With many research assignments underway in Term 2, it is a great time to refresh our memories on referencing. At Mount Alvernia, we use the APA 7 style guide for referencing. You can find information on Referencing Basics in your Student Planner on pages 29-30. Below is a recap on how to use APA 7 for in-text referencing and your reference list.

In-Text Referencing

In-text referencing concisely identified the source of information or ideas. It helps the reader to locate the corresponding entry in your reference list at the end of your assignment. You should include an in-text citation every time you paraphrase or quote from a source. Below is a snip from the Student Planner on in-text referencing.

Reference List

Your reference list includes all the sources you have cited in your assignment. The list starts on a new page, with the heading References (bold and centred on the page). There are specific guidelines for formatting the references in the list and there are different rules to create references for books, journal articles, websites, and so on. It is helpful to use a citation generator, such as CiteMaker, to help automatically create your reference list. Below is a snip from the Student Planner on how to cite a source in your reference list, as well as video tutorial on how to create a references in CiteMaker.


Whilst correctly referencing can seem overwhelming, the style guide has very clear instructions. On the iCentre website under Quicklinks there is a section on Referencing for more information.

For more help with in-text referencing or creating your reference list, pop down to the iCentre or submit a query through Ask a Librarian on our website!

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