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Referencing @ Mt A

Date Published: 10/03/2020

It’s timely at this time of the term to remind teachers and students that they can use the information below about Referencing @MtA as well as our iCentre Tutorials with instructions of how to use CiteMaker, to support their research assignments.

APA:  APA referencing requires both in-text referencing and a Reference List at the conclusion of a piece of research.

In-text references occur when you cite or paraphrase an author within an assignment.  Every time a student uses another person’s work or ideas in an assignment, they must immediately acknowledge the author/authority (or the title of work if the author is unknown), plus the year of publication (if known), and the page number/s (or paragraph number for an online article).

A Reference List occurs at the conclusion of a research piece and includes all the works cited throughout the assignment.  The layout of this list needs to be in alphabetical order by the author’s surname. At Mt Alvernia, we subscribe to the Citemaker referencing tool to assist staff and students with referencing

Students can find tutorials to explain how to use our referencing tools on our website under iCentre Tutorials > iCentre Tips and Trick

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