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Rebranded iCentre Learning Spaces

Date Published: 27/04/2019

We have exciting news. We’ve re-branded the iCentre spaces and the new names we’ve given them reflect the type of learning/library activity that is catered for in each area. We love our new signage that identifies each area.

The Hive
The Academy
Slider image: Image by CentrArredo from Pixabay

The Academy 

This is a quiet work area most suited for individual pursuits.  In our research, students and teachers communicated a desire for this style of space, particularly before and after school and during breaks.  We have made The Academy at the western end of the iCentre so that it is the furthest away from the noise and business of the circulation desk and leisure-focused school library activities.

The Hive 

This is a group working or “buzz” zone. During our research phase, students and teachers identified the need for a collaborative learning space.  The best fit for this included an area that was central to the floor space, had round tables for collaboration and easy access to both non-fiction resources and the circulation desk for library assistance.

The Campfire

This area has a literature & leisure focus.  The furniture is informal and relaxed.  The location is on the eastern end of the iCentre, close to the fiction shelves and the circulation desk.  Campfire classes use this space as they require fiction resources and more borrowing takes place in these classes than at other times in the typical school day.  It is also a lovely space to visit with Homeroom if you are looking for a change of venue, would like to read a picture book to your Homeroom or have a reading session with your Homeroom. During breaks, students who seek to retreat from the playground use this space to meet, engage in leisure activities such as puzzles, board games and craft, and relax.

The Seminar Room 

This room is ideal for small classes and Study Groups.  Staff can book this space for timetables classes or for meetings.  Another option, teachers may like to consider is to book both this space and The Academy if you would like a group working in one area and individuals working in another.  Students in Years 9 – 12 are invited to book the space for Study Groups before and after school and during breaks.

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