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Read the Book, Listen to the Playlist

Date Published: 01/06/2020

Students and staff alike have been loving a new book called When it Drops by Alex Dyson.  One of the students pointed out to us that there is a Spotify playlist to accompany the book.

This made us wonder if other books have playlists and we discovered that many do.  You can investigate some of these on Good Reads: Books with Soundtracks. Some authors have also used playlists to inspire their novels.

We’ve already told you about these book soundtracks below in our Book of the Week articles.

Book of the Week: Detention

Book of the Week: It Sounded Better in my Head


We think this is a fabulous idea and would love students to create their own playlists to match their favourite novel, book setting or character.

Below is a list of YA books that have accompanying soundtracks.

Explore them and then create your own!


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