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Read eBooks With Ease – the New Dyslexia & Comfort Setting 

Date Published: 15/03/2021

Reading an eBook has been made even more user-friendly with the new Read with Ease Settings Wizard. Created with learning challenges in mind, this new setting is useful for readers with dyslexia or anyone who wants more control over the display options when reading eBooks. 

You can now access the eBooks reader setting wizard to change/update to your preferred reading style. 

Below are the settings you could update: 

Background Colour 

Font Style 

Font/Text size 

Line spacing 

This flyer provides information on how to change the settings to suit your needs.  We have also uploaded a copy of this flyer on the iCentre website.  You can find this by choosing the following menu path: 

Quicklinks – iCentre Tutorials – iCentre Tips & Tricks 


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