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Protect Your Personal Information Online

Date Published: 01/06/2020

Taking steps to protect your personal information online will make the internet a safer place for everyone.

“As caretakers and educators who keep track of technology trends, we are reminded constantly that kids are tracked every second of every minute they spend online. From kids’ searches, views, and locations to their voices, an immense amount of identifying information is collected by companies. As invasive as this can feel, there are steps you can take to protect kids’ privacy:
Stay informed. Brush up on our latest privacy recommendations for parents and educators to boost your data privacy knowledge.” Update from Common Sense Media, 5 March, 2020

Image: Common Sense Media

Check out the link below to get tips and resources to take the right precautions to keep kids’ data safe, at home and at school, and take control of what companies can do with it when they get it.

Your Family Has a Right to Privacy Online


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