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Principal’s Reading Challenge Winners Announced

Date Published: 12/09/2021

The 2021 Principal’s Reading Challenge has come to an end.  There was fierce competition over the four weeks of the challenge. It has been a lot of fun watching the digital leader board as both Home Room statistics and The Best Reader in the House were updated live each week.  

Congratulations Belle Prairie Home Room 6. 

Led by Ms Barlow and Ms Butterworth, this Home Room read an incredible 36, 674 minutes in four weeks.  This equals 9, 168 minutes per week.  We are very proud of the girls in BP6 for making reading a priority.   

A big congratulations also go to the following students who won Best Reader in their House:

Taskin Bari (Belle Prairie) 

Samantha Maguire (Greccio) 

Schylar Van Fleet (Perugia) 

Mackenzie Frost (Rieti) 

Hannah Bawden (Spoleto) 

Emilie Troe (Villa Spada) 

The top Home Rooms in our other houses were:

Greccio Home Room 7 led by Ms Everard,

Perugia Home Room 8 led by Ms Collinson,

Rieti Home Room 4 led by Ms Stower,

Spoleto Home Room 6 led by Ms Hampson, and

Villa Spada Home Room 8 led by Ms Holley. 

One of the best things about the challenge is that it champions reading.  The graph below demonstrates the increasing effort students went to improving the time they spent reading over the weeks of the challenge.  Well done to all Home Rooms.  



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