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Principal’s Reading Challenge 2023

Date Published: 17/07/2023

On assembly on Wednesday 17th July, we will launch the Principal’s Reading Challenge (PRC) during which all Mount Alvernia College students focus on reading for pleasure.

The Principal’s Reading Challenge is over a four-week period, ending in Week 6, Friday 18th August.

How it works:

Each student makes an extra effort to read more in their spare time.

Each Friday (Week 3 – Week 6), Home Room teachers record:

  1. The combined WEEKLY TOTAL of their Home Room’s reading time in MINUTES eg. The fifteen students in a Home Room all read for 1 HR = 15 x 60 = 900 minutes
  2. The NAME of the student in each HR who has read the most along with their MINUTES read eg. Sarah 60

THIS FRIDAY, 21st July, we are asking all Home Rooms to read. This is in celebration of Literacy Week and it will kick start everyone in the Home Room with 20 minutes reading time to contribute to their total for next Friday.

What’s the incentive?

The student who reads the most in each house will be awarded Best Reader in the House and receive a voucher for Riverbend Books.

The Home Room that reads the most in the school will win a Pizza Party.

The House that wins the most reading time will have their name added to the perpetual trophy.

Every student who reads more, gains from the benefits literacy brings:

  • Improved academics
  • Improved IQ
  • Improved EQ
  • Improved well being
  • Improved participation in society
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