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Principal’s Home Room Reading Challenge Leaderboard

Date Published: 19/08/2019

Moving toward the final week of the challenge, statistics are now focused on our leading homerooms for the pizza party reward during Literacy Week.

Currently in third place is BP6, only slightly ahead and currently in second place is R4 and the current homeroom with most reading hours is P1!

These results can change………even if your homeroom is not currently top 3, there are lots of homerooms that could still catch up this week.

Home Room readers

Visit the iCentre to see the leaderboard and the totals and check if your homeroom was top of the house.

The Leaderboard

We are looking for the winning Home Room and the “Best Reader in the House” – the student in the house who spent the most time reading throughout the challenge.

Winners will be announced Week 7 during Literacy Week and prizes awarded.

Everyone is reading for the challenge!

Visit the iCentre where you can borrow novels, poetry, graphic novels, and short stories and keep reading!

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