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Non-Fiction Picture Books

Date Published: 15/02/2022

Picture books are just for kids, right? Wrong! Research has shown that picture books can be used to teach multiliteracies and other curriculum content to older students. Picture books can also operate as a means of broaching sensitive subjects (Marsh, 2010). These books filled with uplifting stories, interesting facts, and brilliant illustrations are a great way for students to engage with texts without the text!

To engage students with the opportunities for learning that picture books offer, the iCentre has a wide range of wonderful non-fiction picture books that explore a variety of topics. Currently, we are featuring these books in a display, located near the printer, for students to engage with new ideas and topics in interesting ways.

The display is also interactive, as we have created QR codes that link to additional information about the author, topics, and other interesting videos related to some of these great books! There’s sure to be something for everyone.

We invite students to search the OPAC, come down to the iCentre and browse the display, or browse through our Non-Fiction Picture Book Pinterest Board here to discover the great range of picture books we have!

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