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New Book for Parents about Girls

Date Published: 19/05/2017

10 Things Girls Need Most by well-know parent educator and psychologist, Steve Biddulph, was published recently in response to the growing concern of parents about the issues that have arisen in relation to modern girlhood. Over the last twenty years as we have moved into the digital age, childhood and adolescence have changed and girls are under relentless pressure from advertising, TV and social media. They are living in a frenetically busy world where time for affection, to dream, to create and just be themselves has been stripped away. The mental health of girls has plummeted.

How then do we raise girls who are strong and free in a focused and deliberate way?

We recommend parents explore Biddulph’s new book, which provides information about girls growing up today as well as interactive tasks and self-exploration practices to guide them through the challenges of raising girls in today’s world.The aim of this book is to help you understand how to lay down the foundations of good mental health early in your daughter’s life, and to keep her strong all the way through.’ Steve Biddulph

View the following interview with the author

Mental health of girls has plummeted, says Steve Biddulph

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