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Media Literacy

Date Published: 05/11/2019

Get on board and learn to navigate the modern media landscape with the excellent resources provided for teachers and students by the ABC on their Media Literacy site. They can be used to help develop the skills needed to sort truth from fiction in news and information. 

Students talk about what it means to be media literate


Teachers:  Classroom activities, curriculum links, interactive lessons and teacher resources are organised under the following headings:

Questioning News

Understanding News

Curriculum Notes 

Under Curriculum Notes, each resource is notated as to how it relates to areas of the Australian Curriculum: For example,



Civics and Citizenship

Media Arts



Critical and Creative thinking

Help students learn more about their media habits, understand Fact vs Opinion vs Analysis, learn the difference between misinformation and disinformation, how to recognise bias and how to establish good news-reading habits by making use of these resouces provided by the ABC.

Media literacy allows someone navigate the media landscape effectively!


Learn the skills of media literacy to decide whether something is ‘real’ news or not.
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