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It’s National Science Week!

Date Published: 18/08/2020

It’s National Science Week!

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. It’s an opportunity for everyone to talk science, see science and do science.

How will you science this week?

Are you interested in scientific inventions?

Do you believe science can make life easier?

Are you interested in the future of the planet?

Do you care about conservation?

Are you interested in the great scientific thinkers of the modern world?

If you are a budding scientist or have an interest in scientific topics, the iCentre has some suggestions for you.

Life stories available in the iCentre:

Visit the iCentre to grab yourself a life story about an amazing change-maker in the scientific field and feel inspired.


Documentaries are available in Clickview that explore challenges and possible solutions to the environmental issues faced on our planet.

ABC Splash has a great collection of video, articles, games, experiments and activities that will spark your scientific curiosity.!/resources/-/science/7-10-8-9

Slider image: National Science Week
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