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Introducing: The Literacy Society

Date Published: 13/02/2023
“Literacy is, finally, the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman and child can realize his or her full potential.” – Kofi Annan

What is The Literacy Society?

The Literacy Society is a gateway for students to imagine a world of possibilities, explore innovations, and expand their minds.

The Australian Government outlines that when we improve literacy, we “help individuals find meaningful employment, earn higher wages, and achieve personal fulfillment” (2022, p.ix). The Literacy Society is a program designed to help students succeed by offering opportunities to participate in the myriad of literacies required to be successful in the contemporary world. Such literacies include but are not limited to reading, writing, information literacy, digital literacy, media literacy, and visual literacy. The Literacy Society will replace the Read Like a Girl initiative and build on the strong foundations made by broadening the scope of literacy opportunities offered to students at the college.

From the Mount Alvernia College Head of Faculty – English, Literacy and Languages:

We all know that being an effective speaker and writer is an important skill to be successful in many facets of life, which is why developing strong literacy skills is such an important focus for our students. Pairing the explicit teaching of literacy in the classroom with co-curricular initiatives like The Literacy Society will further support and encourage students’ literacy development, helping them to express thoughts and emotions clearly, present ideas and opinions accurately, and interact with others confidently at school and in their lives beyond.

What will the Literacy Society offer?

The Literacy Society will offer a calendar of events that provides students in our community the opportunity to:

  • Attend events that broaden their knowledge about topics of local and global significance.
  • Join conversations with authors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers.
  • Participate in workshops that explore writing, technology, and creativity.
  • Network with both experts and other young people who seek to learn and make a difference in the world.
  • Develop their knowledge of the opportunities literacy creates.

How can students get involved?

Students and parents are invited to get involved by attending any of the currently planned and yet to be imagined events on offer. The following calendar is what we have planned for 2023:

Be a Literacy Champion – we invite students interested in community leadership to join our team of Literacy Society Champions. This group will assist with planning, marketing, and hosting Literacy Society events. Any students interested in becoming a Literacy Society Champion are welcome to contact Ms Stower in the iCentre.


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