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Improving writing

Date Published: 18/10/2021

Writing is very important to classroom learning success. It is one of the key tools used to communicate knowledge, yet many students struggle with putting their ideas in writing. 

We would like to remind students that there are several resources available to assist with improving writing skills. 

How to Write What you Want to Say by Patricia Hipwell. 

This excellent little book provides a guide for those students who know what they want to say but can’t find the words.  For each core academic writing skill, the book provides sentence starters, connecting words, key task words, and an example of writing. 

Study Skills Handbook: Writing Skills Module 

This unit is designed for students to either work systematically through the entire course or browse the unit contents and choose specific skill modules to work on.  Modules include general writing skills, essay writing skills, writing for a purpose, and common mistakes. 

Use the link below to navigate to the Writing Skills Module.

Study Skills Handbook: Writing Skills Module 

Write That Essay: Writer’s Toolbox 

This is an online writing coach that taps into students’ individual writing ability and pinpoints areas for improvement. The toolbox contains instructional videos, comprehension and writing skills activities, and instant feedback. 

Write That Essay

You may also find the Writer’s Toolbox YouTube account useful.  Through this account, you can access the Toolbox Training Suite to guide your use of the Toolbox along with other useful writing tips. 

Writer’s Toolbox images used with permission from Write That Essay.

Thumbnail and slider images: public domain

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