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Have you heard of Blackout Poetry?

Date Published: 13/02/2023

Year 8 English students are currently studying poetry in all its forms. The iCentre staff have put together a fantastic selection of poetry books for everyone to explore. Some of the books on display are First Nations poetry, Australian ballads, and contemporary poems, as well as books explaining the process of writing poetry.

To accompany the poetry resources available, the iCentre have developed an interactive display called Blackout Poetry. Staff and students have been enjoying participating in creating their own Blackout Poetry over the past week.

So what is Blackout Poetry?

“Blackout poetry refers to any poem in which the author covers a majority of a source text in favour of leaving a handful of words exposed to form a poem…” (Harris et al, 2014). See below some of the fantastic examples of our student and staff blackout poetry. We hope to see you soon in the iCentre for more fun, interactive activities.



Harris, J., Dant, A., & Fehr, T. (2014, April 14). Searching for Poetry in Prose. The New York Times; The New York Times.

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