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Harmony Day Reads

Date Published: 21/03/2023

Muddy People A Memoir

By Sara El Sayed

Soos (Sara) is coming of age in a household with a lot of rules. No bikinis, despite the Queensland heat. No boys, unless he’s Muslim. And no life insurance, not even when her father gets cancer.

Sara is trying to balance her parents’ strict decrees with having friendships, crushes and the freedom to develop her own values.

With each rule Sara comes up against, she is forced to choose between doing what her parents say is right and following her instincts. When her family falls apart, she comes to see her parents as flawed, their morals based on a muddy logic. But she will also learn they are her strongest defenders.

Set in Brisbane, Sara shares her story with heart-warming honesty that will make you smile and cry…


Finding Nevo

By Nevo Zisin

girl, boy, he, she, him, her, they, them, daughter, son, teacher, student, friend, gay, trans, Jew, queer…

Nevo was not born in the wrong body. Nevo just wants everyone to catch up with all that Nevo is.

‘A gorgeous coming of age story about one person’s journey to discover themselves. Zisin is a compelling storyteller with a delightful and exciting new voice.’ Clementine Ford


No Words

By Maryam Master

Hero doesn’t feel like a hero, but sometimes she feels as if the universe is asking her to be one.

When Aria, a mysterious boy who never EVER speaks, starts at school, and is picked on by the school bully, Hero and her bestie Jaz feel compelled to help. So, they befriend Aria and try to uncover the truth about him.

This is the story of a 12-year-old refugee who’s trying to establish a new life in Australia, grapple with his past and, most importantly, find his voice.


Growing up Aboriginal in Australia

Edited by Anita Heiss

This groundbreaking collection of experience and stories from well-known authors, high profile identities and newly discovered writers is complied in order to answer that question.

All the contributors speak from the heart – sometimes calling for empathy, challenging stereotypes, always demanding respect.

An absolute must read.



By Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl. She’s as magical as the desert sky. As mysterious as her name. Nobody knows who she is, or where she’s come from. But everyone loves her for being different. But standing out from the crowd isn’t always admired. And when people start to turn against her, that’s when she needs to find the strength in love.

This is an iCentre classic – everyone must read Stargirl.


Hate is Such a Strong Word

By Sarah Ayoub

Sophie is a typical seventeen-year-old, she hates Mondays, socks worn with sandals and the arguments she must have every time she asks her parents if she can go out. But she especially hates being stereotyped because she is Lebanese.

When The New Guy, Shehadie Goldsmith, is alienated at her Lebanese school because his dad’s Australian, she hates the way it makes her feel.

Like she’s prejudiced as everyone else.

Like she could make a difference if she stopped pretending she’s invisible.

Like the attraction between them might be too strong too fight…

But hate is such a strong word…Can Sophie find the strength to speak out – even if it means going against everything she’s been brought up to believe?

A wonderful read about identity, love, culture and finding your place.

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