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Genius Hour Project

Date Published: 13/11/2018

The iCentre is proud to partner with Year 7 student Sofia Poy for her Genius Hour project. She has created Matilda’s Book Clubto help you feel comforted with books. We suggest you explore her online book club, take note of the reading recommendations, contribute reviews and short stories to help the site grow and flourish, and spread the word and recommend it to others.

What a wonderful initiative – it’s pure genius!

Matilda’s Book Club


Sofia explains:

My name is Sofia, and for Genius Hour, I am creating an online book club to help support those who are in stressful or unhealthy situations. Part of the project includes a partnership, and I was wondering if the iCentre would be interested in being a partner in my project?

I would like to feature my website on the iCentre website? This article would include a link to my website so that anyone who was seeking such a club could link to it.

The purpose of this website is to provide support through books to those who are suffering tough times. It was named after the character Matilda from Roald Dahl’s book, Matilda. She had a tough time at home and school, but she used books as a comfort source, learning the lessons they taught from them.

My website includes 22 recommended books every 3 months for 5 age categories

  • young primary-aged students
  • late primary-aged students
  • early high school-aged students
  • late high school-aged students
  • adults.

It also includes:

  • a short story forum (for the viewers to write their own stories)
  • a home page (with a contact list, information, blog posts about upcoming book events and a subscribers forum)
  • reviews, for the viewers to write their own thoughts about books 
  • a support page, providing helpline links, phone numbers and more. 

You can find my website here:

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