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Finding Resources About Ancient Greece

Date Published: 06/05/2019

This term, our Yr 7 students are researching what everyday life was like for people who lived in Ancient Greece. They will be learning how to access quality information to support their inquiry, and this is where the iCentre website can help.


We have a quality collection of ebooks that can be accessed through the OPAC. To do this, sign into the OPAC from the iCentre website and put in the search term Ancient Greece. Clicking on a title from the results will take you to the ebook which can then be borrowed. Don’t forget to return it as soon as you are finished with it so other students can borrow it as well.

Click on the title to borrow the ebook of your choice

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Another collection of ebooks you will find useful is the Gale Virtual Reference Library. This valuable resource can be found in the OPAC under One search.  Type in your search term, click on an appropriate title and start reading, confident in the knowledge that you are accessing quality information.

iCentre Trolley

The iCentre has a trolley of books that have been collected on the topic for students to use to support their research

Life in Ancient Times Pinterest Board

Don’t forget to go to our Life in Ancient Times Pinterest board for further resources that will be of use.

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