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Finding Credible Information in the ‘Fake News’ Environment

Date Published: 11/03/2019

Students are bombarded with information from the internet, but how do they discern trustworthy sources from those less credible or even false? In our digital environment and the era of  ‘fake news’,  it is essential for students to develop the critical literacy skills needed to navigate the information landscape.

To help students with this issue, we provide them with access to subscription databases via the OPAC and accessed through OneSearch.

For example, to access EBSCO databases, use the OPAC to search your topic, choose OneSearch and then ANZRC. You will be given a choice of ANZRC, Religion and Philosophy Collection and Legal Source as shown below. This can save students a great deal of time when researching as these databases are guaranteed to be reliable sources of information.

Choosing Databases

EBSCO has provided these tips for students when looking for reliable information. The infographic is used with permission from EBSCO.

Tips for Students


Thumbnail and slider images: public domain
Infographic used with permission from EBSCO
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