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Everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Date Published: 31/01/2023

Welcome to our first edition of Collect(Ed) for 2023. In this issue, we have curated resources exploring AI and the possibilities and implications for education.

AI is certainly the topic of the moment – it seems that every time you venture online and into your socials, or turn on the TV or the radio, people are talking about AI.  As educators, our teachers are wondering what the implications will be for academic integrity and assessment. Our students are wondering if this will provide easy answers and shortcuts to better grades.

If you want to know more about the capabilities of AI, how it can be utilised in the classroom, the implications for assessment, and associated ethics, we have curated this collection of resources for you to discover more.

COLLECT(ED) February 2023 (2)

About Collect(Ed)

The Collect(Ed) publication aims to save teachers time by offering them high interest professional development resources in one easy to access publication.

Each issue of Collect(Ed) will include a list of educational professionals for Mount Alvernia College teachers to connect with and build their PLN (Professional Learning Network), cross curriculum resources to build pedagogical practice, high interest educational journal articles and research, latest TED talks, Podcasts, Vodcasts, and upcoming conferences, workshops and webinars.

Teachers are BUSY people so the iCentre Team will do all the leg work to collect these resources, putting teachers in touch with powerful ideas in a timely, hassle-free way.

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