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Date Published: 25/07/2023

Picture books for older readers database

Exciting news for educators!  A new database developed by the National Centre for Australian Literature (NCAL) “The Picture Books for Older Readers” will  help you find appropriate literary picture books for students aged 10-18 years.

The database provides access to Australian picture books suitable for use with older students grade five through to secondary school. The books selected are more sophisticated in their use “…of literary techniques and in the way visual imagery is presented and integrates with the text” (NCAL, 2023). When searching for picture books the database also includes annotations, online resources and links to version 9 of the Australian curriculum. See below link for access to the free database 

We recommend using picture books in the secondary classroom if you wish to:

  • introduce a new unit;
  • pique students’ curiosity about a topic;
  • develop visual literacy skills;
  • engage in the oral tradition of story telling; or
  • compare information presented over different modalities.




National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc. (2023, July 24). Australian Children’s Literature. NCACL.

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