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#Embrace Yourself

Date Published: 14/03/2023

Darling girl, don’t waste a single day of your life being at war with your body.

Just embrace it.

-Taryn Brumfitt


This week our college community will continue to celebrate International Women’s Day with a sold out high tea at Victoria Park on Sunday, 19th March. This annual event is highly anticipated in the iCentre’s calendar however, this year even more so as the iCentre is launching The Literacy Society. The Literacy Society will be a new program facilitated by the iCentre which will aim to help students in all aspects of literacy.

We’re very excited to have Taryn Brumfitt a four times bestselling author and Australian of the year 2023. Taryn has been advocating for body acceptance and body positivity, she has created The Body Image Movement, an organisation where adults and children can be educated on body acceptance and learn to #EmbraceYourself.

In 2016 Taryn created a documentary titled Embrace which highlighted women’s body loathing as well as her own journey to body acceptance. This documentary “was seen by millions of people in 190 countries and is available on Netflix.” Following on from this Taryn released another documentary called Embrace Kids, in September 2022 that aims to teach nine- to fourteen-year-olds to move, nourish, respect and appreciate what their bodies can do,” (Australian of the Year, 2023).

The iCentre have put together a new display in honour of Taryn’s body image advocacy and for International Women’s Day. We invite all students and staff to pop in and visit the display or borrow one of the many resources available.


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