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Collect(ed) GLAM edition

Date Published: 28/10/2022

Welcome to the October edition of Collect(ed).

This edition focuses on the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) Sector and how these vital organisations can provide you with resources to help with your research, well as providing new ideas to spark your curiosity. We have featured some of the best organisations in the GLAM Sector from Australia and around the world, and we would be thrilled to hear from you about any of your own favorites.

One of the highlighted organisations in this edition of Collect(ed) is Google Arts and Culture. This webpage has a plethora of information and institutions to visit all in the one space. Some of the thousands of fun and interesting things you can do are take virtual tours of galleries and museums, check out who your doppelganger is from famous pieces of art or make a blob opera.

For Mount ALvernis teaching staff – Collected(ed) is available via link in the OPAC. Thank you for your continued support of Collect(ed). If you have any ideas for articles or subjects you would like to see highlighted, please feel free to contact the iCentre.

COLLECT(ED) October 2022
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