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Classic Book of the Month

Date Published: 26/10/2021

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin is a novel that has stood the test of time and is as popular today with readers as it was when it was written. 

Known for wonderful characterization and formidable wit, this book is a wonderful read. Modern feminists will be inspired by Austin’s heroic females who challenge the treatment of women in the era. 

Sienna Anning, who worked with us here in the iCentre, recommended some classic reads that she thinks both students and teachers will enjoy.  A classic is a book which, with each rereading, offers as much of a sense of discovery as the first reading, and Sienna believes one of the best classics is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.   

Graphic book review by Sienna Anning

Many adaptations have been made of Pride and Prejudice, the first being the stage adaptation in 1895. Austin fans are quite opinionated on which of these rank as the best. You can make up your own mind about the many movie versions of this memorable story. Start by checking out the trailer below and then head to the American web series on YouTube, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. 


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