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Bush Tucker

Date Published: 21/02/2023

This week the iCentre has been exploring First Nation food more commonly known as Bush Tucker.

What is Bush tucker?

According to Melbourne Bush Foods, ‘Bush Tucker’ means ingredients native to the Australian land. These kinds of ingredients can range from animal meat such as kangaroos, crocodiles, and emu, to plant-based ingredients like lemon myrtle, pepperberry, and finger limes (Melbourne Bush Foods, 2019).

The iCentre invite all students on a sensory journey where they can smell, taste, and touch native spices, herbs and plants such as lemon myrtle, strawberry gum and Davidson’s plum as well as taste native tea and touch native plants like the gumby gumby.

Students and staff are also invited on Wednesday, 22nd February in break 1 to a lunch time bush tucker chat with Mr. David Pratt (Curator of Gardens). All attendees will get involved and smell, taste and touch. There will also be native tea and cake to try!

If you would like to learn more or purchase any of the items that we have please support these Australian businesses.

Melbourne Bush Foods

Warndu  Warndu | An Australian Native Food Revolution

Here are a few photos from the morning !

















Melbourne Bush Foods. (2019, December 31). What is “Bushfood”? Melbourne Bushfood.

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