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Book of the Week for Grown-Ups

Date Published: 12/08/2019

The Chain by Adrian McKinty is being touted as the thriller of the year for 2019 and has been hitting all the bestseller lists. It’s a gripping psychological thriller about a mother who literally goes down into hell and a moral abyss to get her daughter back from the darkness.

A simple writing style and short chapters keep the momentum of the story moving forward at a relentless pace, while the premise of ‘the chain’ sets up questions for the reader as to what they would do in similar circumstances and how far they would go.

Expect to see this story become a Hollywood blockbuster in the future as the rights have already been sold to Paramount!

We recommend this book for our parent and staff bookchatters and for lovers of the thriller genre.

Visit our Pinterest board #greatreads for Staff and Parents for further recommendations to help you decide on your next read.

#greatreads for Staff and Parents

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