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Date Published: 10/06/2019

Turia Pitt has written The Good Selfie: Tips and Tools for Teens To Nail Life for teenagers. It offers tips, tools and practical advice in an accessible style that can be dipped into when needed. It is a collection of answers to the questions most teens ask her, and chapters and accompanying web link resources include the following topics: Gratitude, Confidence, Self Talk, Champies (goal setting), Hard Times, Support Team and Perspective.

I wrote Good Selfie because I want to share with you the tools and strategies I used – particularly in my recovery after the fire – to rebuild my life and be my best self. (Turia Pitt)

Good Selfie

Listen to what teens have said about this awesome book!

FAQs – Great Advice from Turia Pitt

If you want to listen to more by Turia, go to the Fierce Girls podcast and listen to the episode:

Turia Pitt: the girl who had everything to live for

Thumbnail & Slider image: Turia Official Website

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