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Date Published: 28/10/2022

No Words, by Maryam Master is the story of Hero and Aria and their friend Jaz. Aria, the 12-year-old character who seems to have no words, is selectively mute and is bullied at school because he is unable to speak. Hero and Jaz try to protect Aria from the school bully Rufus and are also determined to get to the bottom of his secrets.

In a series of flashbacks, the reader learns that Aria is a refugee from Iran. This book is personal for author, Maryam Master as it takes inspiration from her own experiences growing up in Iran and being forced to flee to Australia at the age of nine.

While the book deals with some serious issues such as bullying and mental illness and there are some frightening and dark moments, there is also much joy and hope in this book. There are many funny times shared by the characters and the theme of the power of friendship and kindness remind the reader that supporting each other is a recipe for strength and overcoming the obstacles we face in life.

No Words by Maryam Master


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