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Become a Young Reviewer Today

Date Published: 27/08/2019

We are encouraging our students to take up this opportunity offered by Riverbend Books. Read the information below to get started.

Riverbend Young Reviewers

Here at Riverbend we think it’s important that books get reviewed by someone close to the reading age of the book, so we’ve decided to start a young reviewers program.

It works really simply…

  1. Just send us a review (30-50 words) of a book you have loved, with your first name, age, and an image* of yourself to
  2. To thank you for your review and hard work we will invite you to visit us in store when your review goes up to choose a book from a selection of new releases and pre-releases – and you can use this as inspiration for your next review!

* The image you provide can be a photo, avatar, or drawing that represents you and will be used with your review in store and on Riverbend’s social media.


Did you like the plot or the characters? 

What was the basic plot? Don’t give away spoilers!

What age would you recommend it for? 

Does it remind you of anything you’ve read before? If you like this, you’ll like this…

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