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Analyse and interpret sources of information

Date Published: 16/11/2021

The ability to critically analyse sources of information is essential in a world where the media may present information that is biased or even fake. Source analysis is also important in the Humanities department and comprises a significant portion of the assessment in these subjects.

For students looking to build skills in this area beyond the set work in the classroom, we have two recommendations.

INTERACTIVE: Source Checker

Produced by the ABC, this is a fun way for students to engage with a range of fictional news articles to develop their skills around analysing, interpreting and evaluating texts. It also helps students to develop skills around identifying the ways certain texts are structured and organised. Click here to start having fun in this interactive tool and reinforce some valuable skills at the same time.

The Study Skills Handbook: Research Skills

Available on the iCentre Website, the Study Skills Handbook provides valuable online tutorials to assist with many academic skills.

The Assessing Resources tutorial found in the Research section will help students consider the quality of the information they are using and distinguish between reliable, accurate information and biased, inaccurate, or false information. In the contemporary information landscape, it is especially important to critically evaluate web resources, as there is no quality control on the Internet. No single person or organization has the task of verifying the authenticity and accuracy of sites.

Click here to access the tutorial.  The college research username and password are required for access.  Please contact iCentre staff if you have forgotten this login information.

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