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7 Exam preparation tips

Date Published: 06/11/2023

From creating a study plan, to getting enough sleep, and seeking feedback, the following tips from the iCentre and the Learning Edge Academy (2022) will aim to give all students the skills required to minimise stress and aim for success!

Study Tip 1: Create a study/revision schedule

Create your own homework and study schedule and post it somewhere as a reminder. When it comes to studying for exams, a study schedule is very important. You should try extra hard to stick to your exam study schedule as you need to ensure you cover all your content before entering the exam room.

Study Tip 2: Take breaks

Taking small breaks and/or getting in some light exercise helps us have balance and re-energise. A simple walk around the block, meeting friends for a coffee, getting up for a snack or even playing with the dog are great for refreshing the mind.

Study Tip 3: Create your own summary notes

Summary notes don’t need to be exhaustive but they do need to be your own. In creating them, you are thinking through all the relevant information for that subject. Building those notes into creative forms such as mindmaps, flashcards, etc. allows you to break information into smaller, relevant pieces and then make connections between those pieces, which is a lot more effective for learning.

Study Tip 4: Sleep!

We all need it. To avoid it or minimise it in an attempt to gain more study time is counter-productive. During exam time, ensure you get your usual amount of sleep. Don’t stay up too late studying on the night before an exam!

Study Tip 5: Ask questions

Both in class and at any time prior to assessment tasks, ask questions and seek feedback. There is no such thing as a silly question!

Study Tip 6: Test yourself

Practicing under exam conditions can have you better prepared before entering the exam room and may reduce any pre-exam stress or tension.

Study Tip 7: Manage your stress

It’s also important that you manage your stress during exam time. The iCentre has tips and tricks to help manage your stress, which can be found here. Try to:

  • Set intentions
  • Drink water
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Exercise / take stretch breaks
  • Get some fresh air
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