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5 Ways the iCentre Can Help You With Research

Date Published: 09/08/2021

5 Ways the iCentre Can Help You With Research

Research Guides

Our teacher-librarians, Mrs Stower and Mrs Gagen have collated all the information you need for school assessment into simple research guides that can be used by all students. Each research guide has been specifically tailored to suit a particular subject offered at the college. You can find these on the OPAC, simply search Research Guides, and this will bring up all the current research guides at the iCentre. Once you have accessed the one applicable to you, follow the steps on the guide to access reliable sources for your assessment. 

Video tutorials

The teacher-librarians at the iCentre have created various video tutorials to support the students at the college in utilising the iCentre and its resources to support their research. To access these tutorials simply click on Quicklinks, go down to iCentre Tutorials, then across to iCentre Tips & Tricks. Here you will find videos on how to access audiobooks and eBooks, tutorials on using and referencing images, logging in and using the OPAC; logging in, searching for books and searching databases. 


OPAC is the library catalogue system that the iCentre uses to access resources that can support you in your research. The OPAC has a plethora of resources that you can access readily through the iCentre website. Simply click on the OPAC link to be taken to the library catalogue, where you can then search your topic and find relevant sources. If you need more support, Research Guides, as mentioned above, have been created to support particular assessment at the college.

Ask a Librarian!

The iCentre website offers the option for you to ask a librarian any question regarding research. There are two clickable link that will take you to the Ask a Librarian page, from there you can put forward your query and a teacher-librarian will get back to regarding your research question. This is a great way to get more information on how to identify and access relevant and credible source for your learning.


The iCentre and Mt Alvernia College subscribe to a website called CiteMaker. CiteMaker is your one stop access to creating reference lists for all your assessment using the APA7 referencing system. To access CiteMaker, click on Quicklinks, go down to Referencing and then across to CiteMaker.

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