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3 Top Study Tips for Students

Date Published: 30/04/2018

Learning how to be organised and study effectively is an important skill for secondary school students. We subscribe to Dr. Prue Salter’s  Study Skills Handbook which provides resources, worksheets, and tips to help you establish effective study habits. You can find this resource under the Quicklinks tab on our website.

You can also subscribe to Prue Salter’s Youtube channel, where she has created short and easy video explanations of how to go about achieving the skills you need to help you achieve your goals.  Listen to her 3 top tips below.

3 Top Tips for Students

Get organised!

Work in half-hour blocks – without distractions!  Keep schoolwork and private life separate

Do more than just read your notes – make study notes, learn it, then practise it



You may also be interested in looking at her advice for parents – especially the point about how to listen to music and study effectively.


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